Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lost Christmas Cookie Recipe

Mom updated her kitchen last month requiring a temporary relocation of cookbooks. This created a mini crises when a favorite Christmas cookie recipe was lost. She eventually located the recipe, but as a precaution several copies were made and distributed to family members. This got me to thinking about all the memorable meals / food we've had over the years commemorating an event or just cooking for the fun of it. The recipes are housed in cookbooks marked with post its, stashed in recipe file folders, website bookmarks or written in the margin of saved shopping lists. In talking with Katie and mom we came up with the idea of compiling a family cookbook. We're asking the extended Wilkes family members to submit your favorite family recipes including pictures and corresponding story. We're working on the group blog logistics so more to come.


  1. This is SUCH a great idea. Which one of us is Amy Adams going to play? Hahahahahaha.

    I photo copied a handful of cookie recipes at my Mom's this Christmas and will transcribe and pass them on this weekend.